Local Adjustment 1 step value change

Is it somehow possible to change values by keyboard? My problem is that it’s extremely fustrating to try set blur value to 1. Sometimes i manage to do that by clikking several times, but usually when i click the value is 0 or 2 not 1. So i keep clikking! :smiley:

Which platform are you using, Mac or Windows? On the Windows version, click on a Local Adjustment slider and with the mouse button held down pull the mouse to the right or left of the slider being adjusted before moving the mouse up or down to change values. As you move the mouse farther to the left and right of the slider the change in adjustment values slows down and allows you to set values with greater granularity. I am not sure if this works on the Mac version.


No, the side sliding doesn’t work on Mac, but using the up/down arrow keys works fine

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Thanks @Joanna. I didn’t think that technique worked on a Mac but I wasn’t positive. While I’m sure you’re probably aware, the up/down arrows do not work on the Local Adjustment sliders in the Windows version.


@StevenL how’s that list coming on?


Lol. @Joanna, at this point I’m not even bothering to ask when the differences between the two platforms will be resolved.

DxO is quite aware of the desirability to do that but the gap seems to widen a bit with each new release. We can only hope that the more egregious differences will be resolved in a reasonable time frame, but I won’t hold my breath. :wink:



It would really be nice, if both ways would work in Windows and Mac equally. Using the arrow keys would help me a lot in Windows.

Yes, it would be nice. This only one of many differences between the two versions.