Local Adjustements : paste adjustements but leave existing masks


Hello all, i’m a new user and i’m really happy of the software, very good alternative to LR.
There’s only one thing which hurt me a bit.

I do 3d scanning and photogrammetry. I want to create masks myself for a specific photos set of an archeological object which gives me some problems.

Problem is : when you copy paste local adjustements, it pastes the mask. Is it possible to paste only the adjustements ? (in my case exposure -4 and blacks -100 to make the mask completely dark). Right now i could mask a lot of photos easily by using smart mask, then paste the adjustements, but this morning i had to manually move both sliders on each photos, that’s a bit tedious :sweat_smile:

Maybe i missed something.

Thanks by advance and have a nice day

Any adjustments you make on the “equaliser” of the local adjustments tool are copied, along with the mask that they apply to.

Unless the area to be adjusted is identical on every image, then the mask is likely to be in the wrong place anyway.

If you are adjusting the sliders on the side panel, these do not affect the local adjustments - they are global adjustments.

Hello Joanna. thanks for your answer.
You resumed what i said so you understand my question and my problem.
should i consider it means the answer to my question is “no, its not possible to paste local adjustements and keeping the individual mask of each photos” ?

I have to ask what you mean by “individual masks”.

The only masks you get in PhotoLab are those that are part of a local adjustment.

Or are you possibly confusing the term “mask” with “layer”?

individual mask = the unique mask i made by hand for each photo

I use this for photogrammetry. I isolate the subject from the surroundings and background. So each photo has its own painted mask (lets say i take a picture every 10°, that is 36 pictures for a specific view angle, + another angle * 36, that’s 72 hand painted mask or more (250 for this set)).

So what tool are you using to create this mask?

Local adjustements because i can paint a smart mask to go faster.