Loading Error "Correction failed on the Execute stage"

I am now getting this error message more and more frequently. I cannot reproduce it. Any ideas? Thank you

Bildschirmfoto 2024-02-23 um 14.57.44

And again. It’s really starting to get on my nerves

This has been happening often for me as well, with Nikon Z8 HE* files. Sonoma 14.1.2. But it doesn’t happen consistently and the images it’s happening on seem pretty random.

Thanks Tony for your help. Support is no help here. Instead of answers, more questions. Seems they don’t know, what this error message stays for. Strange thing is, it also disappears.
Same pic works the next time, without an error.
But your hint with your Z8 is perhaps a clue. It’s Z9 in my case, but maybe that’s the real reason.

This error has been happening for many users (both Windows and Mac), using various cameras so I suggest that it is not camera specific.

For me, it occurs randomly when I use my mouse wheel to zoom in on a correction. Most times, no error but enough times for me to fear the worst if I zoom in.

Several users have reported the bug to DxO but the response seems unhelpful. Hopefully, someone there is taking it seriously and working on a fix.

Is [ “CTRL” + “+” ] safe for zoom in ? Or does it bug too ?

Hallo David and many thanks for your helpful comments on this error message. Once again, the forum proves to be the better support. The answers I get from support suggest that there is no interest in solving problems.