Loading error - Correction failed on the execute stage

Anyone else getting this error at random times on PL5 Elite?

I’m running an M1 Mac mini (16 GB RAM).

A friend of mine is running the same on an MBP with an M1 Pro chip, and getting the error even more frequently than I am.

She’s getting the typical runaround from DxO support and I’m wondering if this is a widespread issue or that we are just lucky.

Yes, been getting similar runaround from support for 6 weeks, since upgrading to PL5. Trashed my database edits by taking over the PL4 database and changing the .dop files. Now getting random loading errors, as attached, too. Running Elite on M1 Max MacBook Pro.

I’ll be contacting you directly in PM to ask for a bit more details, so we can investigate this.

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Hello @Spadista and @AussieActive ,

could you share an image from the camera with that issue ?
It would help us to fix it if we can reproduce it.

Please upload it on upload.dxo.com


Hi @Marie
I’ve loaded the files up to the site. I am using a MacBook Pro M1 Max and PL5 5.1 Build 47. All you need to do to replicate the error is click the lens or vignette setting. It comes up with Auto and trashes all previous edits.
Anything else, please let me know.

For further information, the file was edited on PL4 and displayed with all edits. On upgrading to PL5, I got this error. PL5 applied an incorrect profile. There isn’t a profile for this lens - Canon EF 200mm f/2.0L USM. It’s unclicking that profile that removes the error but also removes all edits from every file.

This error also occurs when an incorrect profile is auto-applied to a lens. This screenshot shows a recent shot that did the same until I removed the suggested, wrong lens from my database. Again, there is no profile for the used lens.

Hope this helps clarify.


Hello @AussieActive ,

thanks for image.
In Exif/MakerNote we have Lens ID : Canon EF 200mm f/2L IS USM Can you confirm me it’s the right lens ?

PhotoLab propose module Canon EF200mm f/2.8L II USM because we don’t have module for EF 200mm F2 L IS USM.
To match an image and a module we use several Exif/MakerNote information in following order:

  • LensName
  • LensID
  • LensInfo (for example : 18-35mm F3.5-5.6)
  • Current information of focal and aperture

Information 1 and 2 are not always available (especially for cameras of old generation).
Any of this information could fit several lenses (1 and 2 are supposed to be unique but all makers don’t respect that).

So when a module for a couple doesn’t exist yet PhotoLab can propose a module for one or several other lenses.
In case of Canon Cameras, for LensInfo we just rely on focal, not on Aperture. We do that because on EF mount lenses, when a TC is used the aperture in LensInfo is not impacted by the TC and then images taken with that combination wouldn’t be accepted by optics modules.

So in your case

  • PhotoLab is looking to match your image with a 200mm and so we propose the EF200mm F2.8L II USM as it is the only one we have.
  • Your image is taken at F2.0 which is not handled by optic module of EF200mm F2.8L II USM

Hence the error.

I will note Canon EF 200mm f/2L IS USM in “old” lenses we need to catch up but I can’t give you a date of support.

@Spadista I’ll analyse your error when I have an image to test.


Thank you, @Marie

I understand what you describe as the problem and that a profile may come sometime. Is there any way to stop edits on all images being lost, though, if an incorrect lens association is loaded? I have been back to older folders and lost all the edits presumably because an incorrect lens was automatically associated with the files. That caused new .dops to be created as I watched my investment of time disappear before my eyes.