Live preview different than JPG export

Hi there!
I realized today that the exported JPG look different that the live preview in DxO PhotoLab 4.
Of course I tried to change the ICC profile setting in the export settings (As shot, sRGB, Adobe RGB), but none of them give me the same colours as the preview.
I don’t know if this is releavent but I’m using a Sony A7II with raw files.

On the screenshot you see the preview on the left, and the exported JPG on the right.
Do you have any clue how to solve this issue?

What if you zoom at 100% in PL and try to get similar zoom in Preview?
Some corrections are not enabled in PL at zooms < 75%, and subsampling to display the image might be different when viewing at less than 100% in both apps.

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I just exported one of my images and don’t see a difference worth worrying about…

The slight darkening to the left of the preview image edge is due to the auto-generated shadow that MacOS puts on all windows.

I exported the image as JPG with no resize and quality 100, then I zoomed the preview at 100% and compare the images: it solved this issue, preview and jpg where the same.
I didn’t expected a colour difference because of the zoom.

If you think about it, any reduction in scale “compresses” colours and tones as more and more information has to be recorded in less and less pixels.