Little bug in Photolab 2.2.0 build 27

I am running PhotoLab on a Mac in localised to French and have just updated to 2.2.0 build 27.

The “Export to disk” button is no longer localised to French.

Joanna :thinking:

This is a little bug indeed.
I’m very disappointed with the Nikon Z6 results compared to LR… (Z7 was (v2.1) and is still ok).

Hello @Europat,

can you be more explicit about Nikon Z6 results ?
I’m sorry you are disappointed but you are too vague. What do we need to improve ? Color, contrast, sharpness, denoising, … ?

If you can provide me some RAW files and tell me what you prefer with Adobe conversion it would really help.


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Hello Marie,
Sorry for this, but my comment was on a first sight impression. I was using the Adobe process for my Z6 before this 2.2 release… and I found it quite pleasing. After deeper analyse >>> DxO is still the best :slight_smile: