List of requests taken in consideration or in the backlog for improvement

This is just a suggestion,

A lot of people post in which “feature do you need” there wishes.
Some of them are solution for a problem which you already acknowledged and some are adding a option which find others also handy/usefull and there are some which would be possible rejected because of several reasons.

Al this is fine and not every wish can be granted and not every problem can be solved easy.

can there be made a “sticky” on top of the list in the header “which feature do you need” where all seriously considered wishes are listed?
(for instance by linking the request poste in that list.)
This way you avoid double requests or that people think nothing is happening.1

This same sticky system can be used for general errors people find and questions about if tool is working properly or not.( user error or system error or both) If its in the list of to investigate put the post link there.)

Use it as a read only and we users can see if something is stil in the process of improvement or solved. (just add “Solved” or “not viable/discarded” on the header if DxO is ended that topic.)

If any one is bumping into a question he/she can take alook at that list and see if his/her question is popped up earlier and solved. this way it is keeping the forum topics clean.

(and prevent interesting topics fade away in the row of new posts.)


Hello @OXiDant,

Thank you for the suggestions. Well, about the real wishes (suggestions) - we are analyzing all of them and it’s impossible to say if they will be seriously considered until you vote for them. But I like your idea: the suggestions which are already in the backlog can be tagged accordingly to let you know you do not need to add your votes for them (usually I write inside the post about it) - I will tag them since now, thank you.

About the issues posted in the suggestion section by mistake - I usually move them to the proper section or close them if not relevant. And I guess we don’t need them in this section in any case.

And one more, as it was promised to you by the Top management you’ll be given a report (which high demanded features are taken for the implementation) periodically.

Svetlana G.


Hello Svetlana,

How does this tag look like?

Maybe you mis understood me, (i am not a native english so my writing can be unatended foggy.)
I ment those issue’s (defects or errors by knowledge of use) we post and dxo staff answers by giving a solution or taking it to the technicians for further investigation (solution pending)
The one’s who got a instant solution are fine as it is i think but the one’s who needs more time to investigate/understand get a solution or are labeld as “we know and will correct this in the next update…” , those topics could be tagged as a “sticky” with the status : under investigation, solved in next update, solved. (after solved the sticky can be “un-sticked” because a search will find it.) or something.
again just as suggestion.

Are those posted in “news and announcements” or to the topicstarter in person by post or PM?

(just courious as a new forum-member)


The tag looks like this one:

Okay, the categorization you are talking about has place (we tagged the posts with “Resolved”, or number of the issue “DOPW-XXXX” if it’s still being investigated). But we’ll think of the procedure to stick them.

Well, right now it was done only in the post About Updates\Upgrades, Pricing and the Development Roadmap and this is not correct. I’ll move it in a separate topic and stick.

Thank you

great , fast respons.

sorry for time time consuming about this kind of things. :slightly_smiling_face:
These things are all about understanding how dxo fourm is working. and displaying its information. i found the tag list. and guest the function of dopw-xxxx, and you confirmed that.
But wile i am learning , others can benefit from this also.

thank you for this direct solution minded work…
this topic can be closed.

No problem! :wink: