List of Frames

New to DxO and considering adding Filmpack.

I can’t seem to find a list or summary of preset frame borders anywhere, does anyone know if it exists and where I can find it?

I am specially interested in a polaroid print frame (like what’s available in Snapseed).

Thanks - Jim

Hi Jim.

There is a collection of Frames that can be added to an image - but none of them are named “Polaroid”

Perhaps if you were to put a screenshot up here we could check for you if there’s anything close to it.

John M

Welcome to the forum @tennjed130

FP has something called “instant” which looks like this:

(edited image, original photo by @mikemyers)

Other than that, this is what I get from FP in DPL on Mac:

Yup. That looks very much like the old large format Polaroid

That’ll work, thanks for the all replies