Link to the Nik Collection


We are proud to have added the Nik Collection to the DxO family starting October 25, 2017.
This acquisition is recent, so we do not yet support the various plug-ins of the Nik Collection in their original version.
We do support the local adjustments tool with control points (U-Points technology), which has been integrated into our RAW development solution for DxO PhotoLab.

If you are a current DxO OpticsPro customer, and you would like to take advantage of the U-Points technology support available in DxO PhotoLab, you can upgrade from OpticsPro to PhotoLab by logging into your online account with us on our website and clicking on the PhotoLab upgrade link.

If you would like to be notified when we release a new Nik Collection, or if you’d like us to send you a link to download the current collection for free, please enter your email address thanks to the link below.


I have been trying for weeks to get the link for the current version of Nik Collection. I have entered my email address countless times and never had a response. Is it available?

Howdy. I’ve been trying to download Nik with no success. I click the “submit” link on the download page for the collection or any of the programs the button flips momentarily and then returns to submit and nothing is downloaded. I’ve tried several different email addresses. Nothing is in my spam folders. What am I doing wrong? / thanks

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Terry, I’m having the same issue. Have you had success to download?

Hi, I just randomly tried again a week ago (after forgetting all about it) and it downloaded without any issue!! Weird :smile:
Good luck

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Hi Terry, you have been lucky because I am still trying :frowning:

can you share the link? i’ve been trying for weeks and haven’t been able to get it