Linear DNG to Linear DNG export

Ladies and gentlemen, at present, DNG linear cannot be exported as such. This is a serious problem for people like me, who organize their entire work process in DNG Linear. Please consider the possibility of exporting from Linear DNG to the same format.

Hi, can you elaborate on this? I am not so familiar with usage of DNG. As far as I understand DxO Photolab 4 can export linear DNG.$output%20formats

And DNG import, from supported cameras, also works.

When I export a “example.cr2” file as DNG, I get a linear (demosaiced) “example.dng” file.

While PhotoLab can display and change the image in “example.dng”,
PhotoLab cannot export that image to DNG again, it recognises the linear DNG file as RGB file, at least the error message says so:

@StevenL, the wording of the message (german version) could be improved. Proposed:
RGB-Bilder können nicht als DNG-Bilder entwickelt werden
Die Stapelverarbeitung enthält nur RGB-Bilder,
das Ausgabeformat DNG kann nicht benutzt werden.

You could also disable DNG as an export option :wink:

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Hi there,
Thanks for your feedback :+1:

In PL you can’t export a linear DNG to DNG, this is why you get this error message. And yes, a linear(ized) DNG is a RGB image because the RAW image has been already demosaiced…
Besides the German translation, I think that we should slightly modify our message to make it more clear for the user.


Dear Steven,

Of course, it is not possible to export a linear(ized) DNG (RGB) to DNG. But I see no reason why a linear(ized) DNG (RGB) cannot be exported to the same format …? This will allow to have all my workflow in linear(ized) DNG (RGB) - this format is much more useful than TIF…?

Why do you need export a file to the same file format? I don’t understand anything…