Ligthroom to Photolab 5

Hi there,
From Lightroom is there any difference between File>Export>Export to: Hard drive and File>Export>Export to:DxO Photolab 5 importer?
Is there any benefit of exporting in DNG format from Lightroom?


The best way to use PhotoLab in conjunction with Lightroom is, to send the unaltered raw files to PhotoLab. This can be achieved by the respective context menu option. Find more details about this on pages 212ff of the user guide.

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I explored all the workflow options from Lightroom to Photolab
The File>Export>DxOPhotolab 5 importer seems pretty useless and similar to File>Export>Hard Drive
The File> Plug-in Extra> is nothing else but Photo>Edit in in with less options.
So I wondered if I missed something. Apparently not.

Method 1: File > Extra > Hand over to PhotoLab
→ will open PhotoLab and present the original, unaltered RAW file in a new project and then lets you work the original file and apply all the features that PhotoLab offers. Export a copy of the (changed) file to Lightroom for further processing.

Method 2: Photo > Edit in > …
→ will do something that depends on which button you activate

a) top button: exports a TIFF with all edits that you did in Lr
b) middle button: exports a TIFF without any edits
c) lower button: similar to Method 1.

In order to be able to use all of PhotoLabs features, choose either of the methods 1. or 2.c)
Using any other option will limit the number of usable features in PhotoLab, notably its excellent lens correction, noise reduction and others.

I knew that, with TIFF you lose DeepPrime, one of the biggest interest of PL. For me LR to PL in these conditions does not make sense. PL to LR seems more interesting, but only for the few LR features not supported by PL
I just wanted to so see if I missed something. I did not apparently and I don’t see why DxO spend time, effort and money to provide such useless Lightroom plug-in :thinking:. LR Export to Hard Drive and Edit in are providing the same functions.