Lightroom to Photolab transfer plugin not working

I have the latest version of Photolab 5.0.2, Lightroom Classic 11.01. The transfer from Lightroom to Photolab via the Plugin Extras menu in Lightroom does not work. Running on IMAC OS Monterey 12.01.

I have removed the plugins and reinstalled them. Uninstalled Photolab and reinstalled it, etc… to no avail. Is anyone else having this issue. If so, was you able to correct it and how?

Thank you

Can you see PhotoLab’s plug-ins in Lightroom Classic’s module manager?

Yes I can. Even after reinstalling photolab

I have the same exact problem on 16 inch MacBook Pro with Monterey.

Does your solution lie towards the bottom of this post?

I have the same issues of the Lightroom to Photolab 4 transfer plugin not working after upgrading to Monterey OS. I have tried all of the above. Deleting and reinstalling the plugins. And all the suggestions in this post . Everytime I use the plugin nothing happens. Wondering if this only works in 5 and DXO did not make version 4 work with Monterey.

I think I might be doing it backwards a little I thought it was an OK way I usually start in photo lab I do my noise reduction and then I send that image to Lightroom classic as a DNG I do the enhanced option and then I do some other editing and then I’ll usually send a tiff file to the Nick collection is that a no right way to do it sorry to ask out of nowhere like this I just seems like everyone does it the opposite way

…your way works perfectly for you, so there is no need to think that it’s “wrong”.

If we assume that we want to stay in RAW as long as possible, that PhotoLab provides very good raw development as well as lens and noise correction algorithms and that Lightroom is well suited for asset management, your way is the sensible way to proceed imo.

Got you thanks so much for the reply … if I can very briefly verify with you my process step routine to ensure the best quality comes out the back
1.) I export original ARW file via apple photos to a folder, usually designated by time shot
2.) open pl4 (prior to utilizing LRC I stayed in PL and NiK) now I usually switch on Deep prime (which sadly they still have not resolved the issue with providing me that Preview window to show The effects of deep prime)
3.) export DNG file to LRC
4.) utilize the enhance option as well as the content awares attempt to locate on its the subject I want to possibly tweak)
5) after enhance is complete and any Editing I export file to NIK using Tiff …
6.) sometimes I don’t do anything there as I mess around with the preset and profile in LRC …
And then social media switch out the Tiff for a jpeg
My big concern is for making an oversight like I did for a while until someone informed to try something else
I was getting awful artifact from the process with NiK and pl4 and I was told to go from 8 to 16 byte … great difference noticed
I’m wondering is there a similar caution I should look for when trying to get a jpeg ? Because I know sometimes, and it can be sneaky, sometimes the file is insanely small like 400 KB small and if I’m not paying attention the I won’t see how awful the quality is … I know there some options when exporting for jpeg just don’t know the combo … sorry for the tangent