Lightroom to Photolab 4 Plugin not working

I am revisiting Lightroom and Photolab. In the past I have successfully used the LR plugin to transfer a file to Photolab via Plugin Extras option.

Now when I try this nothing is happening but I am getting no error messages.

I have tried this with and without Photolab being active, have deleted the plugin and reinstalled by using Export to Lightroom (which works and causes a “Plugin has been loaded” message to appear next time Lightroom is loaded and have uninstalled and reinstalled Lightroom.

Other plugins accessed via Plugin Extras for On1 and Luminar are working.

I am now at a loss as to what to try next, or where to find any error messages, in order to get the Plugin working. Has anyone any suggestions?

I am running on an iMac with MacOs at the latest level and Photolab 4 and Lightroom are at the latest levels.

Here is what I would try:

check the status of the plug-in via Lightroom’s Plug-in Manager (LR 6 has it, I’m not familiar with CC etc).
Maybe the plug-in is disabled…if so, enable it. Maybe try disabling it and re-enabling it…you never know what might happen.

If the above didn’t solve it, I would re-install PhotoLab. Re-installing the plug-in itself might solve the problem.

Maybe someone else has a better idea. Good luck!

Thanks for the suggestions but it is a case of “been there and done that”, even reinstalled Lightroom. I will submit a bug report.

I normally don’t export to Lightroom, so I tried it yesterday afternoon and it worked perfectly for me. But, I am old-school and am still using Lightroom 6. So, it could be an issue with a specific version of Lightroom.

Hopefully Technical Support can help get your problem solved. If you could report back here with the solution that would be great in case someone else has the same problem in the future.

Good luck

Thanks Brian. It is the sending from Lightroom to Photolab that is not working for me, Exporting from Photolab to Lightroom does work, and was the way I reloaded the plugin after deleting it.

What type of file are you trying to transfer? I had responded to you saying that I was having the same problem, but I deleted that post because I realized that I was trying to transfer a 32 bit HDR DNG file created in Lightroom. But, when I transfer a normal Canon cr2 raw file, everything works perfectly. The image is shown in PL4.

Thanks for testing this Bryan.

I am transferring an ORF RAW file from Olympus OMD1 mk2. It opens without problems from within Photolab and I can drag and drop it from Lightroom to Photolab and that works, and same for trial version of PureRAW. I have also tried a CR2 example image that I got with a course and that doesn’t open either.

Dragging and dropping with Export back from Lightroom is probably a good enough work around for the times I would want to do this but the retired computer professional in me wants to find out what is stopping the plug-in from working, just for completeness. Anyway the bug report is in and I await a response.

It sounds like it is definitely a bug. Since the the cr2 transfer works for me but not you, I wonder if PureRaw is somehow playing a role in your problem because I don’t have PureRaw installed. That is one of the variables in our two environments.

At any rate, hopefully you get a response with a solution. Good luck.

Oh…thanks for the tip on dragging and dropping from Lightroom. I had never tried that and had no idea that was possible.

Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I have done everything that DAT has done and I still can not transfer from Lightroom to DXO. Yet DXO to lightroom is fine. I converted my .NEF to .DNG as a test and those files do not transfer. PLEASE HELP

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Has anyone found a fix for this? I have the plugin to transfer images from Lightroom to DXO PL5, but when attempt to transfer them nothing happens. I deleted the the plugins and reinstalled them, and I reinstalled DXO several times, but nothing has helped. I created a support ticket, but I haven’t received a fix from them either.