Lightroom Presets

Hi - many people sell Preset packages for Lightroom etc. Is there a way to use it in DXO Lab?


It’s not possible to load a LR preset in PhotoLab because they two different raw engines.
PhotoLab need a preset specifically created for it.
Many users here have posted their own presets which are very nice. Others offers them for free to download on external sites.

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It wouldn’t be a bad idea for someone to create an engine to translate Lightroom (or CaptureOne) presets to DxO. I don’t have much use for presets as they are so easy to build in PhotoLab in comparison to those two and are very easy to create oneself. Spend some time with the Preset builder if you’d like to speed up your workflow and increase the quality of your output photos at the same time. For each event type project, one can build and improve a preset or a set of presets as one works.


The other answer is that there is support for ICC and DCP profiles (used in Lightroom) in PhotoLab. You can even grab the ones which Adobe Camera Raw installs and experiment with them.

My favorite rendering for my Canon 5DS R images is under the Camera Body category - “Leica M-E, M9, M9P, M10” as I like the extra colour and contrast it adds (which I often dial back, but I like it better as a starting point). I went through dozens of camera renderings to choose that one. The Nikon D850 and Canon 1DS II were the other two which worked well for me.

What is missing in PhotoLab2 which would lighten the burden of incompatibility with Lightroom presets is the ability to apply external LUTs to images. LUTs were promised in December 2018. This is a bad choice of promise for DxO to break as LUTs are a modern standard now.

As it’s already been said here - you can’t use LR presets inside DxO PL.

  • You can create a request on that for the people to vote.

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Svetlana G.

Are you sure this can exist ?
I mean, the carrections nature are different from a software to another.


Well, it needs investigation on the Development side first. But without a request it won’t be executed as there are a lot of High priority tasks to do (they have a high rate users request).

Svetlana G.

I’d rather DxO spent their resources elsewhere as well. Supporting standard LUTs in .cube and .3DL or even just what seems to be the standard .cube would be a very productive use of time though and eminently achievable as you already have support for .icc profiles.

That won’t get full presets but many presets are also distributed as LUTs.

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Hi all - thanks for all the answers. Seems that we can currently share presets within DXO only.


Why shouldn’t DxO just add 3D LUT CUBE support? In that case many, many presets also come in a LUT version.

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