Lightroom plugin (again)- plugin doesn't appear

Hi- new user here. Mac OS Big Sur, PL 5.1.2, LR Classic v 11.2 latest version. The LR plugin does not appear in LR Plugin Manager, does not appear in Adobe Plugin folders in Finder, and is not installed when I export to LR from PL5. This means I cannot send a RAW file from LR to PL. I can navigate to it in PL, process, send to LR and synchronize the LR folder. BUT I’d like to use the Plugin- any thoughts on how to get the Plugin to install? Thanks

Hi Wayne,

here I can find it under menu File/Plug-in Extras, perhaps you’ll find it there?

Thanks Lieven, but the Plug-in was not there. DxO support Team fixed it for me. In case others have the same issue, here is their solution:
"If still unsuccessful, you can force the install of the plugins by executing this line in you Terminal:


The force install worked for me, and now all is right.

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