Lightroom masking is off register after PR3 processing

I’ve been using PureRaw since v2 with no issues, but I’m having an issue with PR3 and the latest version of Lightroom. When I make a mask and run it through PR3 the mask is off-register by quite a bit. It does not matter if I use Deep Prime or Deep Prime XD. I also use PR3 as a stand-alone by exporting my raw files and closing down both Lr and Ps to avoid any issues. I am running Win10 with all the latest video drivers, etc. I am not new to this process. See my example of what is happening.

I’m only using PhotoLab, but I believe that also PureRaw can make optical corrections that could cause something like this. Try to find if you can turn optical corrections off in PR and it may cure your issue.

Good suggestion but I never had to do this before. I could try that but this is a main reason for using the software as it squeezes every bit of detail out based on Camera and Lens profiles. The sample I sent was minimal compared to others I tried. Thanks for your input though! I did pass this on to DxO Support too.

If you turn off the lens correction then you will lose the great DXO lens corrections. What you really should do is to use PR3 first before applying LR.

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Mark, that’s a great suggestion, and what I will do until they can resolve this. Thank you!

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I don’t think that they consider this behavior to be a fault. PR was designed to come first in the workflow. Therefore it won’t be changed.

I agree with you Mark, it is just strange this never happened before. As the results using PR3 are just AMAZING to me I can deal with it.

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