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Hi, I’m using LR 12.1 and DPL 6.1.1 on macOS 12.6.1
I use Lightroom Classic as my main DAM, and like to process my RAW images in DPL. When I use the “Transfer to DxO PhotoLab 6” plug-in in Lightroom, the resulting image in DPL does not have any of the metadata assigned to it in LR. So when the file is returned to LR, I need to manually copy the metadata from the original and paste on to the new DMG from DPL.
How can I preserve the metadata so that I do not have to do this manually each time?

Also, the returned DNG is placed in a collection with the date, which is kind of useful, but it would be helpful if the new image was auto-stacked with the original RAW file. Is this possible?

Grateful for any other suggestions/tips on how to make this process easier.

Thank you.

I am just trialing DPL6 and this happens to me so I am interested in a way around this. Pro Raw saves it back to the original stack.

Unless DXO have changed something or you have changed a setting (unsure what tbh) then whilst you are correct it creates a Collection with the date if you go back to the folder with the original in your library in LRc the original and the DNG will now be in a stack.

I do this all the time. No issues.

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