Lightroom Classic to DXO Pure Raw 2

Dear DXO Team & Fellow Photographers.
By way of introduction I am Lyall. If I may I have a question please.

I purchased the new DXO Pure Raw 2 Software yesterday. Its great and am really enjoying the results. There are few workflows and am getting to grips but all in all we are good here.

However, I have a glitch that maybe you can assist with please.

I work in Lightroom Classic, One of the key things for me thats was appealing was that based on an online Video from Thomas Fitzgerald I could take a RAW file ( In this case Raw Fujifilm X-Trans) that had been completely edited from Lightroom Classic to DXO Pure Raw 2, Process it through DeepPrime and then it would appear back in LR as a DNG with all the previous edits intact.

Based on a recommendation I have switched on my Automatically Write Changes into XMP .

The export work on one set of Images but it won’t work on others.
Any Ideas why this may be happening, is anyone having the same challenge.

Thanks for your time.

Sincerely Lyall

I still have the same problem. Sometimes it works for one image but if you send more than one it fails. It works in the early releases fluently but I can’t tell since when exactly the problem exists. I opened a ticket and support is eager to communicate but nothing happens by development. I always write changes to xmp. What bothers most are the long turnaround times until bugs are fixed.

I found DxO plugins to hit and miss occasionally and therefore make DPR my first step in editing.

Yes, hit and miss for unknown reason. To use DPR as first step might work but it depends on the workflow of your images! And you need enough space as the DxO files are 2-3 times bigger than the original raw. I only use it on the final images. And sometimes you need to reedit some ready images from the archive. So the solution can’t be to change the workflow (which has worked before) because your software is buggy. Just try to copy and paste the edit values from the raw to the DNG files. It’s a pain in the ass.