Lightroom Classic & Nik Collection Problem

Just upgraded to an Apple Mac Studio (Base model M1) but with 64GB Ram and a 1TB SSD. Installed Lightroom Classic, Photoshop and Topaz DeNoise AI - which all work perfectly. Then yesterday evening I purchased Nik Software 5 plug-in collection. When I process an image in Silver EFX upon it’s return to Lightroom the edited image briefly makes an appearance then suddenly disappears and does this a number of times before it has fully loaded. This doesn’t happen when the same image is processed in Photoshop.

Any ideas as to what is going on? I’ve been in touch with DXO regarding the matter but they haven’t been of much use.

I don’t have a solution to offer, but am just acknowledging that I see the exact same issue on my Mac mini M1 – an image processed with Silver or Color Efex 5 (for example) “blinks” multiple times before it finishes updating in Lightroom. If I try multiple images as a batch, they all do it for quite a while before Lightroom is updated with the changes, sometimes never finishing before Lightroom locks up.

I’ve had some success with a workaround: creating the initial TIFF file with Dfine 2, applying noise reduction, then after that’s updated in Lightroom, sending the image to Silver or Color Efex. If you decide to try that – it hasn’t worked for some folks posting here – you should first set the Dfine 2 app to “Open using Rosetta” in Finder (otherwise the image will open pixelated).

There is a long thread at NIK 5 crashing Lightroom that describes some of the other things people tried to get Nik 5 to work correctly with Lightroom. None of them resolved the problems; just letting you know what others have already tried.

At this point I’m sending my images from Lightroom to Photoshop (using “Edit in Adobe Photoshop 2022”) then opening Silver or Color Efex from Photoshop. I wasn’t accustomed to doing that (with previous versions of Nik I had only sent them from Lightroom), but now that I’ve gotten used to it, it works well and I still end out with all my processed images in Lightroom’s catalog.

I have the same issue. I’ve had a ticket open with DXO for 2 months now with no resolution.

Thanks for the reply. Like you I found that if I send everything via Photoshop first to use the Nik software then back to lightroom that works but is somewhat messy.

Basically the software is broken and DXO must be aware of this and that is what is really annoying. I’ve asked for a refund but because it’s been activated they are refusing. At the moment I’ve uninstalled the software and won’t be using it again until I’m sure of a fix.