License restrictions

The PhotoLab license restricts users to installation on 2 machines (3 machines for the Elite version), presumably one a desktop and one a laptop, with the additional restriction that they not be used at the same time. This is a fairly common policy and is almost identical to that from Adobe for Photoshop and Lightroom, but leaves me with a couple of questions that perhaps someone on this forum can answer.

  1. The Adobe license actually allows installation on more than 2 machines provided you are only signed in on two machines. Thus you can install on a desktop and two or three laptops, but only sign in on 2 of those machines at any one time and this allows you to sign out from one machine and sign in on a second so your two licenses can, in essence, “float” between machines while restricting usage to only 2 machines at any one time.

Can you do the same with PhotoLab? That is, install it on more than 2 machines as long as you do not use it from more than two machines? If so, how can you specify which machines are currently “in use” since there is no “sign in” ability with PhotoLab?

  1. Since there is no “sign in” functionality how can you move the software from one machine to another if you decide to replace your desktop or laptop?

These questions come up for me because I am thinking about replacing my desktop machine and I have PhotoLab (and View Point 3) installed on it and would want to move it to a new machine. Additionally I am using a MacBook Air as my second machine and want to move PL and VP 3 to a MacBook Pro and I don’t know how to handle the change as far as the licensing is concerned.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Adobe do rent out their apps to you.
You pay a subscription fee to be able to use them. No continuous payment - no work.

That’s not anything I want and DxOs model is far more appealing and much better for us customers.

I mentioned Adobe because its license restrictions are similar to those of Dxo, not because I think Dxo should do the same. Perhaps you did not read my entire post.

My question is about moving Dxo’s license restrictions when using new computers. Do you have any information about that?

I under your question.

I have understood that DxOs licence process is a one time check out and write of an authentication file/key to you computer and then do not bother you any more about that. Then you have checked out the max amount of licenses you are not able to do that again unless you uninstall and contact DxO for a reset. At least for Elite version.
Being able to remove/uninstall the license yourself would be nice. But I can imagine it do requires a lot more development, infrastructure and personel.

Is this really true, 3 installs with the elite edition? Didn’t know this, thought in generell only 2. Thats why I used it only as a demo on holidays, because I took another MBP with me.

Here is what I believe to be the relevant quote:

You can activate your DxO PhotoLab software on 2 computers (Mac and/or PC) with the ESSENTIAL edition, and on 3 computers with the ELITE edition.

You can see this at:

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Thanks for confirming and the link MFM