Library Functionality (Mac)

Not sure if this has been asked before (be surprised if it has not) but I cannot find it. Now that we have Fuji X Support, which even thought beta is good, it is time to seriously consider leaving the Adobe subscription. In fact I will. But…it would be useful if one could manage folders (create, delete, rename etc) in the PL library rather than having to jump into the file manager. I appreciate I can use a stand-alone dam but with that one exception the PL library gives me all I need.

Good morning @colin_g ,

Well, you can create and rename folders with the current functionality:


So you can edit your request and leave only the functions that are necessary but not present in PL for now.

Thank you
Svetlana G.

That does not appear to be available on Mac @sgospodarenko. Right clicking on a folder does nothing here.


@sgospodarenko, on the basis my request is relevant but only to Mac I have updated the title accordingly. It is though strange that such basic functionality should be available to Windows and not Mac. Is there a reason for this discrepancy?

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