LG V20 Module?

Hi, I find I am using my LG V20 cameras more and more for various reasons and my Nikon D90 less and less. The V20 has excellent cameras, a DAC and is the only flagship phone with a replaceable battery and will receive the Android 9 update, I wonder why not more users are requesting a module…

Hi Harald

What we will be getting is support for the generic Android DNG file format: Support of the generic DNG format of Android phones

No idea when though (I first requested it on the previous forum - back in 2016, I think)…

oh that is good news, will that mean all PL features except the lens correction will be available? Could we have an update about the timeline here or do I need to initiate a ticket?

I hope that PL features except lens correction will be available, but I’ve no inside knowledge.

Not sure you’ll get anywhere on the timescale - you can try - but if everything known to be in the pipeline gets incorporated into the next release it would be a huge step forwards.