Levels/Tone Curve question

When activating “Tone Curve” a hand shows up that I can move around the image. I do see the R G and B values change when moving this hand. So far so good.
But…is there a possibility to click on a specific colour in the image / fix or pin that hand to that specific point, and then adapt the curve for that specific colour/area?
Would be very helpful!
Thank you.

A picker for the Tone curve tool like in LR or PS would be the solution.

see → here …


You’ re right Wolfgang. Ofcourse I voted. I presume there’ s no other way to do this at the moment in PL (?). Don’t find the visible changing RGB values useful if this is not possible. I could even ask what use it has at all at this moment.

Yes – and improving the UX by a lot !

A picker for the tone curve tool would make it so simple to choose a certain colour / luminance from the pic in the viewer – just click, hold & drag to change the underlaying value.

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Agree 100%.
Ofcourse there are more improvements possible (like much needed 30bit support and soft proofing), but such a simple picker is definitely in my top 3 of VERY useful updates!
I hope someone with DXO is reading all this…and can actually add these one way or another. I consider DXO PL as a very serious raw converter and editor. I very much prefer it to any Adobe product and other photo programs.
But…with the lack of essential items like these, it’ s difficult to consider it as professional. Well ok, professional for a small part only.
I even think, that with a picker like that/30bit support and soft proofing, more photographers will want to switch to DXO PL. I have Affinity Photo and I’ ll check how situation is there.
Fingers crossed en hope for the best.