Levels of ISO

I have just purchased PureRaw and have loaded some rugby images.
I have around 100 images to edit with various ISO settings, from 400 to 20,000.
I want to use different PR settings to edit different ISO settings, high quality for low ISO up to DeepPrime XD for the high ISO (10,000 plus).
The problem is it only batches images in three groups ISO 400, ISO 400-1600 and ISO 1600 and higher.

Am I doing something wrong, is there a video I can watch.


Just stick with DeepPrime XD for all images - there is no advantage to using less apart from exporting time.

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Huge waste of time and effort. Just use DPXD for all images.

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DeepPRIME and DeepPRME XD are AI based noise reduction tools. They were developed by DxO to be used on all raw images regardless of the ISO setting. They were not designed to be used only for noisy high ISO images, HQ noise reduction has limited value and is best applied to non-raw images only. It is not AI based and is intended for use only on noisy images. If misapplied it will cause havoc with fine detail.

DeepPRIME XD results in more fine detail than DeepPRIME. Depending on the file it is applied to, that extra fine detail may not always be obvious at normal viewing levels. In those cases the fine detail become more obvious when zoomed in or when looking at a cropped image. The only downside is that processing XD takes longer. The only advantage of DeepPRIME over the XD version is that it processes more quickly.

Most of us here use DeepPRIME or DeepPRIME XD on every raw image.


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Yes. I do that too. I use DeepPrime XD on every image, regardless of ISO settings , because it does pretty darn good demoseicing and helps to get better sharper looking details and more vibrant and subtle color out of raw files.


I would advise against defaulting to DeepPRIME XD on the basis that it can invent textures. In PhotoLab, if I use DeepPRIME XD I always look at smoother areas to see if these textures have been introduced. With DeepPRIME I do not need to do that.


Thanks Mark for the explanation, what I didn’t want to do was overcook images, too much NR and sharpening plus save on editing time.
High Quality is pretty much redundant then?

If AI means artificial intelligence I doubt it. AI is self learning/correcting. The mentioned nr tools just work on the raw data or the rgb data. I wouldn’t know the difference between prime, deepprime and deepprime xd except for its strength.


DxO indicated that DeepPRIME was AI based when it was first introduced in PL 4. I am not knowledgeable when it comes to AI so I did some research. There are apparently four different models of AI. It seems to me that DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD could fall under the reactive AI model which is apparently the most basic type of AI.

Here is a definition of reactive AI that I found.

“The reactive machine type is the most basic variety of AI. It merely reacts to current scenarios and cannot rely on upon taught or recalled data to make decisions in the present . Reactive machines do away with maps and other forms of pre-planning altogether and focus on live observations of the environment.”

I would suspect that a significant portion of the AI used in post-processing software is of that type, reacting to data presented to it, but not learning from it.


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