Leveling tool: make sure both control handles are shown in visible area

I just ran into this while trying to level Milky Way shots on a laptop with relatively small screen. When I’m zoomed to 100%, navigate the ‘view’ box to a lakeshore that should be level, click the level tool - and at best, only one of the handles is visible. Typically, it was neither.
I have to zoom out, drag the line to near the horizon, move the handles so they’re in the area that will be visible once I go to 100%.
I’d ask that you do the following: If a user has clicked the level tool, and the entire photo is not visible on-screen, make sure the leveling tool and handles are visible in the visible part of the shot.
As a side note, it’s pretty hard to level perfectly in-camera - in the dark. A bubble gets me within 1% - anything better is just luck.

I agree. Another option if the leveling tool handles are not visible in the current view is to extend the level line (with perhaps a dotted line) and permit the user to grab the dotted line to adjust the level. This way the level can still be adjusted even if the handle is off the screen.

Good suggestion.

I added my vote. But I’ve found it easier to turn on the grid lines when zoomed in, then adjust the Horizon slider to level the scene.

There is no obligation to use the line that appears when the level tool is activated. If you are at a display of 100% (for example) and you do not see (or part of) the line and the handles, simply click where you want to position one end of the tool and drag while continuing to press the left click to position the other end. Simple and efficient !
(Note: for Windows, Mac I don’t know)


This is also true for Mac. As you say, you don’t need to move a handle, simply drag a line from one point to another :blush:

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