Let us remap keyboard shortcuts to any keys we like please

Honestly it baffles me that such a basic quality of life feature is still missing after all this time. I see topics as far back as 2018 asking for rebindable keyboard shortcuts. Why do we have to press two keys reaching the full length of the keyboard to be able to mark photos as rejected?

Looking at the list, almost all the shortcuts require pressing shift, control or alt along with another keypress. Seems a little silly, slows you down because you have to take one hand off the mouse, and very user-unfriendly to those with hand issues such as RSI.

Hi, evariss - welcome.

Yes, this request has been around for a long time. There’s no need to create a new topic to request it further: in fact, it’s better to add your vote and comments to an older one, which bumps it up to the status of a recent/new topic and shows how popular the request is. It also saves work and time.

Already voted. On all of them. I am just boggled that such a basic quality of life feature still hasn’t been added after 5 years.