Let us manage activations ourselves via the website

I thought I only had PL installed on two PCs, my main one… that rarely runs Windows, and a miniPC that has all the Windows photo software on it.

So I was a bit surprised that it failed to install on this laptop (Elite edition = three activations) but I must have had it on something I’ve wiped.

If it were a Skylum product or from a number of other competitors, I could have managed myself installations via the website.

Not for DxO though, I have to be taken to a support form on the website, be redirected to the right page, then fill it in and wait…

I have no idea what will happen: refused? all the installations invalidated so I have to re-validate the two I want to keep? something else?

… but I know it’d be a lot easier if it were a Skylum program.


Pending feature request:

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Thanks, I did.