Lens sharpness : auto settings and neutral mark

A reset control is missing ( magic wand or other icon) for resetting to auto mode. Global, Details, Bokeh, all three. The neutral setting should also be shown by a graduation mark.

Yes, I agree that a single “reset” option would be handy … Ditto for Contrast (Advanced settings).
Meanwhile, tho tedious, you can double-click the slider-control to have it return to its default position.

Most unfortunately, IMHO, all slider graduation marks were removed as part of the UI changes introduced with PL4: I’ve raised this a number of times … but no-one else seems to care at all.

John M

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Hi John-M
Thanks for the double-click tip !

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Hi @John-M,
Probably all Mac users will not care, as even since Optics Pro, there are no graduation marks.

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I agree. :+1: This should be easy to fix. If someone do not want it, “click” it away.