Lens Sharpening

When using Deep Prime noise reduction I have found that the images benefit from some additional sharpening. There is a Global Lens Sharpening slider - and I have been setting this to 0.20 or 0.30 and I see some benefits. I am looking for some advice on using this adjustment - I primarily shoot landscapes and close-up orchid flowers. I know the ultimate answer is “what looks best to you” but I was looking for some advice on starting points.


When adding Lens sharpness you can view its affect immediately only when editing at 75% zoom and above. You may already be aware of that. In addition to the Global slider have you tried adjusting the Details slider?

One of my very favorite tools in PhotoLab is the micro contrast slider in the Contrast group. It has a large impact on perceived sharpness. I also use local adjustments in most of my images and add additional LA sharpening and micro contrast in specific areas as needed.

Keep in mind that too much sharpening, especially from overuse of the Unsharp Mask sliders will cause strong visible haloing along sharp edges in you images.

As for how much sharpening to add, it depends on the specific image and your goals for it. But, you already knew that.


I find it depends on the lens as well as personal taste. With most of my lenses, leaving Lens sharpness at defaults is good. With one of them that I don’t use anymore (has very strong chromatic aberration and is badly decentered), I usually have to turn sharpness down -0.8 to -1.2. Only once in a while have I raised sharpness or detail - and that suggests to me the possibility that I missed focus a bit or am dealing with camera shake or shutter shock. I expect that putting such an image through Topaz Sharpen AI would reveal if that’s the case.