Lens profiles

I have recently purchased PureRaw. I hadn’t realised that I needed a matching Optics Module for my lens as well as my camera body. However most of the lenses I use do not seem to have profiles available.

My normal lens is the Zuiko 12-100mm F4 but this does not appear on the list.

How often do these profiles get updated? Since this lens has been around for several years, is it never going to be included?

Sorry if these are basic questions but I am having trouble understanding how this all works

Very often. But you can suggest a module here Suggestion de boîtier / module - DxO

Use this page to check if your gear is supported: Appareils supportés - DxO
New modules come with application updates every few weeks. To promote the creation of modules for your gear, use the link provided above by @GaoGao.

DxO modules are used to compensate lens flaws. PureRAW has no means to tune such compensations manually, but you can still use DPR for noise reduction and compensate lens flaws in whatever other app you might have that features such functionality.

Zuiko lenses are all made for the old four-thirds mount. Do you actually mean the M.Zuiko 12-100 F/4 Pro lens by Olympus, which is a widely-supported micro four thirds lens?

What camera body/bodies do you mount the lens on?

Yes, sorry. Body is OM1 Mk 11

Woah, this can’t be right. It really surprises me that the entire (remaining) Olympus lens catalog isn’t already supported with the OM1 M2 but OM-branded and Panasonic lenses are. I wonder how this will impact long-time Olympus customers going forward? :grimacing: