Lens profiles : offer both the lens manufacturer in lens profile, and the DxO Lens profile where both are available

On Sony alpha cameras, native lenses and some modern third party lenses like the Sigma Art series 35mm f1.2 lens, the lens has a way of transmitting to the camera and onto the raw file the lens’ optical correction information.

This can be seen when editing a raw file on Sony’s Image Edge software on a PC. In Image Edge “Edit”, you can open a raw file, and turn on or turn off the lens correction being applied to the image. On Sony alpha cameras, the raw file is the uncorrected image captured by the sensor. The in camera ‘lens distortion correction’ feature only applies the correction to jpegs.

Therefore, when editing a Sony Alpha raw image, taken with a modern lens that provides correction information, it is possible to use the lens’ native correction details in post editing. I would like DxO to give me the option to apply the lens’ native correction details in DxO as an alternative to applying the DxO profiles. This would be on a picture by picture basis.

This is useful where:
A: there is no DxO profile available for the lens. At least users can use the lens manufacturer correction profiles in DxO without having to use the Sony Imaging Edge software first to correct the image, and then work off an exported TIFF file in DxO with the lens correction processed into the TIFF file.
B: where the DxO lens profile does not produce the desired result. This could be anything from wanting to compare ‘default correction’ to DxO correction, through to times when the default correction is better.

Note: the current Sigma Art 35mm f1.2 lens profile does not correct the fairly significant distortion in this lens. However, the default lens profile that works in camera and in post with Sony’s Image Edge software does correct the distortion about 98% correct.

As a bonus: create a way to lets users manually create their own manual lens profiles. https://www.dxo.com/project/correcting-lenses-without-dxo-optics-module/ That is, using the manual lens correction settings, export a lens profile.
Then, as well as allowing users to select between the DxO profile for a lens, and the default manufacturer’s profile for the lens, allow selection from the user’s lens profiles they created manually.
But first, add the option to let us users select the manufacturer’s lens profile rather than the DxO profile. Especially where there is no DxO profile, but even when there is a DxO profile for a lens, let us have the choice which profile we use.

To be able to use the lens manufacturer profile would be a great option. I moved from CaptureOne to Photolab a few months ago, and this is the feature I miss the most. Just bought a new Tamron lens for my A7riii and the absence of DXO lens module is quite annoying.
Is there any update about this suggestion ?

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Personally (and selfishly) this is not an issue for me - but, I’ve gotta say: this is a very clearly and elegantly expressed argument … and it makes a very good case for consideration :+1:

John M

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Thanks for the vote of support. Hoping there is a way to get this request heard by the development team.

This is becoming a real issue for me as none of my recent lenses is supported : Tamron 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3 Di III RXD, Sigma 65mm f/2 and the Sony 35mm 1.4 GM. On the Sony A7riii. The only DXO module that works for me is for the Sigma 24-70 DG DN.
I have to use my old version of CaptureOne because of that (since they support the embedded lens manufacturer ).

The struggle with not having DxO lens profiles is certainly real, but, I still can’t get a response from DxO on the topic. I am about to sell my Sigma 35 mm f1.2 lens because it desperately needs lens correction.
The inbuilt Sigma profile is pretty good. We just need DxO to provide a way to use the Sigma profile. For now, like you, i either use Capture One, or the Sony Imaging Edge software that can also use the Sigma lens profile.
BTW if you need / want the latest Capture One software, there is always the “free” lite Sony version, that will at least provide the lens correction and an export.

Yes Capture One express is an option. I can still use my old Sony version (v12).
I feel like I wasted my money with this PL4 Elite version as it’s extremely difficult to manually correct a lens, especially a zoom lens.
If you are happy with the Sigma 35mm 1.2, just switch to another RAW application. Today it’s the 35 1.2 , tomorrow it will be another lens. At least until they consider adding the support of the manufacturer profile.

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I understand there are corrections that DXO builds into the lens profile that are not available in the manufacturer profile. But manufacturer corrections for distortion and vignetting are better than nothing, which I all we get when DXO doesn’t have their own profile. It would be great to default to a manufacturer profile when the DXO profile doesn’t exist.

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Distortion, vignetting, and chromatic aberration. When no profile is available, the output is really not the same. I didn’t even think to check the embedded profile was supported, I thought it was by default in all RAW photo editors.
Please can the DxO team review this suggestion and give some feedback ?