Lens Profiles/Modules

I have one lens (that of course I love the most) but is not yet supported in PhotoLab. I don’t wanna be a pest, cause I’m sure DxO is busy with a thousand other requests, but that said is there a list published somewhere of future lens profiles DxO intends to create?

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AFAIK (I’ve never needed it myself) the general route is to go to the “Supported Cameras” section look up your camera and check for the available modules. If a module is planned for the future there is usually a given date.

The lens has to have a matched camera(s) - it does not exist by itself as a generic module.

However, there has been some issues in the past with this section (either not up, or out of date)… but I have not read about any issues lately.

Ah I see how this works :slight_smile: Didn’t know it was a lens/camera combo. That’s exactly the info I was looking for.


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Thank you for the help, Jim.

Closing the topic as it’s solved :wink:

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