Lens profile missing and bug

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On DXoLab, when I open an image done with my Canon EF 600 f/4 L IS USM II / TC EF1,4x III L / Canon R6, the lens profile suggested is the one with the RF600 f/11 IS STM with RF TC 1,4x. Not exactly the same optics…
I’m also surprised that with this basic lens, the combo R6+lens with the TC 1,4x is available in the data base but nothing with my pro Canon 5dmk4 + optics 600/f4 II + TC 1,4x III nor the EF2x III, combinations I often used with that fantastic lens… Incredible and very frustating…

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@Marie could you, please, have a look at the problem?

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Svetlana G.


To match an image and a module we use several Exif/MakerNote information in following order:

  • LensName
  • LensID
  • LensInfo (for example : 18-35mm F3.5-5.6)
  • Current information of focal and aperture

Information 1 and 2 are not always available (especially for cameras of old generation).
Any of this information could fit several lenses (1 and 2 are supposed to be unique but all makers don’t respect that).

I’ll note your combination and see to add them in the roadmap.


So when a module for a couple doesn’t exist yet PhotoLab can propose a module for one or several other lenses.

I confirm that.

When I moved from Nikon D850 to Z7, I was using a lens 105mm macro for reflex mount with the FTZ adapter on the Z7, and this lens was correctly supported with the corresponding module.
Later, I’ve changed this lens to the 105mm macro Z, and as the module was not yet available, the previous one was used with a quite good result.
Later on, the module for this new lens have been release, and automatically after, it has been proposed for download at the first image taken with this lens on Z7, and is now used for all these images.

Thanks Patrick !

But in my case, the two combinations are really opposite, hard to compare more to correct a 600 f/4L lens with a 600/f11 profile IMO.

Hopping DXO will last include the suitable profile.

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Hello Marie,

My need is about my most usefull combination
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Canon EF 600 f/4 L IS II USM
Canon Téléconverter EF 1,4x III
Canon Téléconverter EF 2x III

Get the same combinations than for the EF500 f/4 with 1,4x and 2x but with the EF 600 F4L IS II USM lens for exemple on your site :

Thanks for your support !