Lens profile for Sigma 35mm f2 DG DN (Sony)

Dear DXO Team,
when do yo plan to release a profile for Sigmas 35mm f2 DG DN lens w Sony AIV in PhotoLab? I am considering buying this lens but I will make another choice, if there will be no profile for it. I am working w PhotoLab 5.03 and ViewPoint 3 for MacOS.

Hello @tme on DxO’s website or in Photolab itself (somewhere in the menu) there’s a well hidden form, you can use to ask for a specific lens/camera module:

And for the future: If you open a feature request, don’t forget to vote for your request - but asking for a lens module is not a new feature.

And I’m waiting for the module (for L-Mount) of the i-Series lenses for quite a while now.

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Just updated to 5.3.1 and had very low hopes, the 35/2 and 24/2 Sigma contemporary are now supported. DxO manages to disappoint even low hopes. And still comes up with the super-expensive Leica Apo Summicron, hardly being in the same league as the Sigma, but who knows?

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As you can see @tme , there’s no optical module available, but maybe it will come for Sony sooner that for the smaller market of Panasonic or L-mount in general.

Done. Thank you for the information.