Lens module stopped working for OM-1


Photolab 6 stopped recognizing OM-1 modules all of sudden. Anyone else has this issue or any insights on how to resolve this?

Created a ticket with DXO support but haven’t heard from them yet.

Did you try removing the OM-1 optics modules, restarting PL6, and then downloading the modules again? Or closing PL, renaming the folder where these images are, and then restarting PL? (To rebuild the PL database for this folder.)

Yes, tried renaming the folder and also copying files to another folder. Removed the optics modules and yes Photo lab did identify the modules and I downloaded them.

But even after downloading the result is the same. The images show the same error as above and the lens sharpness isn’t enabled for any of the pictures.

Can you share a raw-file, so that we can try if it might be a local problem or with PL?

Sure, here are couple of raw files.


I’m on Windows 10, not Mac, but I have no trouble in downloading or applying the camera/lens modules. Maybe just a Mac problem?

Using the pictures you provided I see the same, Lens Sharpness can not be switched ON.
Tested using DPL Elite on a MacBook M1 and Ventura.

Thank you for checking.

It looks like the issue is with the latest version of PL6 for mac. I am pretty sure it was working with the previous version.

Hopefully, DXO will release an update soon to fix it.

also don’t see optical corretions applied → please check with DxO support

Yes, I already created a case with DXO Support.

I encountered this with OM-1 files on the Mac too and raised it with DxO Support.
Support replied saying that the issue will be resolved in the next version of DxO Photo - version 6.2 which will be released later this month so it looks like they’re on the case.
In the mean time, I’ve moved back to PL5.


Thank you for the update, I also raised it with DXO Support but still haven’t heard from them. Good to know they are working on it.

Hi, I suddenly experienced something like that last summer with both of my OM-1 copies and all lenses but would be long to explain the way I took.

you might want to have a look at

where I explained how I luckily enough could get everything working again.

do hope this might work for you too or at least give you a clue.
enjoy your outings

Thanks for the update. I think DXO fixed the issue with the latest update of PL 6 (6.2) on the mac.

Great news. do hope this solves your problem.

I’m on PL 6.4 and experiencing this problem with OM-1 sporadically. This past weekend 5 of 14 images couldn’t do lens corrections and PL complained of not having a lens profile. For example one image was fine and the next, where I only adjusted the aperture, failed. I sent EXIF data and screenshots to support and am awaiting a response.

checked with → these files and the equivalent profiles are present

screenshot from PL5.9.0 (Win)

screenshot from PL6.4.0 (Win)

Yes, the module files are there. On some files PL6 recognizes the lens and camera and applies corrections, while on the next shutter release, with the same lens and camera, and only an aperture adjustment, it fails.