Lens has optics module but not with my camera?

I am using the Nikon 500mm pf on my Fujifilm x-h2 via the Fringer adapter. Even though the LENS has an optics module (it is available with my Nikon d500 camera), I am not allowed to apply this optics module/corrections when using the lens with my Fujifilm camera. This means no lens sharpening (only global sharpening).

I heard there is a way to manually program an optics module but can’t find any information about that.

Anybody help?


PhotoLab does not allow manual allocation of profiles.

If you must, you could try to tweak your file’s metadata to make them look like something that DPL supports. There are a few threads dealing with such hacks, I’d advise to test thoroughly and with copies of your files.

DxO’s optical modules need a match in lens and body in order to be applicable.