Lens Correction on export to NIK

I’m new to Photolab having acquired it through the latest NIK update. I’m impressed with it and use it as a first step with Lightroom but I’m experiencing something odd if I export from PL2 straight to Viveza. The lens distortion (barrel distortion from a 14mm Samyang FE lens) corrected in PL2 reappears in Viveza. It’s not my normal workflow so I’m not too disturbed by it but there will be times when I will go straight from PL2 to NIK rather than return to LR. When I do export to LR the correction stays with the file and is apparent in the DxO.dng in LR.

Any others experiencing similar?

Welcome David

I don’t understand "

because you export a RVB file to Viveza !?

Also, take a look on


Thanks Pascal. I’ll check those out.
I export to Viveza from PL2 from the dedicated ‘Export to NIK’ button in PL2, a TIFF is created and it is the TIFF that opens for editing in Viveza. It is there I see the reappearance of lens distortion.

Leaving Viveza out of the mix for now, If you just export to a Tiff file does the Tiff show the removal of lens distortion properly? Have you tried exporting to other programs in the Nik collection with the same results? I’m asking to determine if the problem is related to the export to the Nik Collection or it’s something else. If instead of sending a tiff file to Viveza, you send a jpg, do you have he same problem with lens distortion not being removed?

Same remarks as Mark.
This is not normal.
Open a ticket.



Since he indicates he’s new to Photolab, until he tests other scenarios to see if the problem continues to happen there is little we can suggest. He talks about using PL as a first step with Lightroom and exporting from PL2 directly to the Nik collection. Besides testing exports to other Nik modules and straight to disk, I would want a better understanding of his process flow.

Puisqu’il indique qu’il est nouveau à Photolab, jusqu’à ce qu’il teste d’autres scénarios pour voir si le problème continue à se produire, il y a peu de choses que nous pouvons suggérer. Il parle de l’utilisation de PL comme première étape avec Lightroom et de l’exportation de PL2 directement dans la collection Nik. En plus de tester les exportations vers d’autres modules Nik et directement sur disque, je voudrais une meilleure compréhension de son flux de processus.

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J’ai tout compris :wink:
Merci Mark

Good morning Pascal,

I’ve now exported a tiff to each of the NIK elements and straight to disk. The lens distortion is apparent in all of them. I’ve also exported Jpegs to disk and to NIK and the distortion is there also.

My workflow is to import to LR from my camera card with no import presets applied
Keywords etc applied in LR
Convert to DNG on import
Transfer DNG from LR to PL2
In PL2 Crop, straighten, light and tone
Export to LR.

The DNG transferred back to LR is optically lens corrected.

I hope that helps



You have a problem.
Open a ticket :slight_smile:

OK. Then we can safely say that export to Veneza is not the only problem, correct? Is the issue that any exports from PhotoLab, to disk, or to the Nik Collection don’t contain the distortion corrections, but do contain all the other edits made in PhotoLab? Is that correct? This is an important distinction because distortion corrections are just another type of edit.


That is correct. All other edits remain in place but lens distortion reappears when exporting from LP2 to NIK or to disk whether a tiff or a jpeg is exported


Interesting. Have you tried reinstalling PhotoLab? You’ might be surprised how often reinstalling software fixes glitches. I’m not saying it will do that in this case, but it is something to try.