Leica M10 / Summilux 35 1.4 Optics Module

Hello -

I’ve noticed there appears to be no optics profile available for this combination in PL. I can apply Prime noise reduction to the .DNG, but Lens Sharpness and none of the Geometry features are available. The camera is supported. I’ve searched the user manual and this forum to no avail. Any guidance? TIA!


Can anyone confirm?

Hello Effstop,

for now we don’t have modules for Leica M10. We did so because aperture wasn’t recorded in Exif when the camera was released (I still haven’t understand why Leica did that choice).
But we will add some modules with next PhotoLab release (they will be compatible with PL 1), including Summilux 35mm F1.4 (for photos with aperture in Exif).



Hi Marie -

Thank you for responding to my inquiry. Glad to hear that something is in the works and looking forward to when the module becomes available.

It certainly is odd that the aperture is excluded in the EXIF.


Hi Marie,

Just doing some guessing here.

Leica M’s lenses do not have any chip and there is no way for the lens to communicate the set aperture to the body. I have an M9, and it records an aperture number into the EXIF, however this number is computed as a ratio of two light meters (through the lens/not through the lens). Of course, this ratio is not reliable, and I sometimes get awkward values (e.g., when mounting an uncoded lens there is no way for the whole system to even check that it records an aperture number that my lens can even do).
It could be that either the light metering system works slightly differently on the M10 and Leica did not port the aperture tag in the EXIF, or that they just figured they would just drop it altogether as there is no way to make sure it is reliable. Maybe asking the question to Leica would be the best (I will ask next time I go to the Leica store).
Anyhow, I understand this is unfortunate as DxO critically needs aperture information.




Xavier -

From what I’ve been reading, I concur with what you are saying. There is mention in this link, https://www.reddotforum.com/content/2018/06/firmware-ver-2-4-5-0-for-leica-m10-released/ where a firmware update was released to provide the approximation to which you refer.

There is a more recent version which I plan to install tonight. I’ll advise if it contains the aperture information in the EXIF and the degree of its accuracy.


I had the opportunity to update the firmware in my M10. It does show EXIF data for aperture. I took test shots from f/1.4 to f/16 using a Summilux 35 f/1.4 lens. The data was accurately entered in the EXIF up until around f/12. From there on, the data either didn’t show, or was not accurate.