Legacy Nik installation

I have a Legacy Nik Disk that I am attempting to load onto an old computer with Mac OSX Snow Leopard. (I must use this old system for reasons too long to go into here…)
The software loads fine, works fine in Demo mode, but will not accept my Product keys to activate software. Can anyone help? I cannot find a phone # for DXO to call customer support.

Welcome. You’ll have to go to support.dxo.com and submit a ticket to resolve this. There is no phone support.

I suppose that DxO will not be able or willing to help with pre-DxO versions of Nik. Snow Leopard was released in 2009, 3 years before Google got Nik and another 6 years before DxO launched its first version…

Perhaps some user here can assist you. As @platypus has indicated there is no support phone number, DxO Customer Support will not provide you with any assistance with the original pre-DxO version of the Nik Collection, and even if they did, they would not provide support for this very old version of MacOS.


If we had a working installation to compare with, we’d be able to try to emulate an activation. As long as this is not the case, activating the product is probably impossible. One thing you could try is, to regularly delete the relates preference file(s) which might help, but according to what I read here, I’d not have too high hopes…

if you are interested in the original then heres a link to 1.2.11 - Download Google Nik Collection 1.2.11

Do you mean you are trying to activate the original version of Nik, i.e. the version that cost money before Google acquired it and made it free? If so, I can’t see that will ever be possible because the software will be trying to reach the (now non-existent) activation servers of a company that is long gone.

In which case, as suggested by @Andyr, your best bet it to try Google’s free version. That version, of course, will not integrate with DxO Photolab. It might though, with the aid of magic spells, work with Affinity Photo version 1. I don’t know what those spells might be but users on the Affinity Forum (Affinity on Desktop Questions (macOS and Windows) - Affinity | Forum) might so ask there.

@stuck You can just ‘export to application’ in photolab - or if you’ve used old nik installations (on a pc, I don’t use a Mac) the install program might still be in your downloads folder which you can just run and re-install (I’ve got from V 3 to 6 files ‘just in case’!)