Learning PL7

Learning quite a bit from forum.

Bit technical at times for beginners but learn where i can.

Read all relevant threads to me.

Only complaint/comment is frequent posters at times if youve ever heard the term have to “read the room” before posting.

But on a whole a learning experience thanks for having me.

Don’t worry about asking a question that might have already been asked, but do try searching first.

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Fully agree, and this should include the user guide too :wink:

A question what is prefered protocol on here if you post a pic.
Do you load Raw File then Edited pic and explain what one had done and then opinions given as to what i did right or wrong and what can be improved?

That depends on the size of the RAW file. There is a limit and, while you might be able to upload a 24Mpx file, 46Mpx won’t go. But you can always post a link to a server like WeTransfer.

But, assuming you can send the RAW, all you need to do is also send the DOP sidecar and folks will be able to see what changes you made. If you want to show what you saw whilst editing, then take screenshots and post them with appropriate explanations.

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Really dumb question does one get paid to post on this forum… :sweat_smile: :grin: :joy:

One chap would be a millionaire. Cheers all hope you get my humour.