Learning Center for DxO Filmpack not functional

The links in the learning center for DxO Filmpack are not functional.

“Watch all videos”

I have DxO Filmpack 6 Elite installed on Windows 10 64 bit. Tried on Chrome and Edge browsers.

Any information appreciated!

I just checked today and there are no live links for videos and no text for the “Ten questions to ask yourself about DxO FilmPack”. I am sure it would be useful to those new to using FilmPack. Could someone from DxO please update the Learning Hub with information as to about when it will be functioning.

@klm there are a couple of videos on YouTube.com on FilmPack 6. Just do a search. And if you are new to FilmPack altogether just do a search for FilmPack 5 and I believe you will find videos on that release will be of help in getting started with FilmPack 6.


Same here. Never used it before and just bought it, but no tutorials on the page - which is what the software sent me to!

@skwalker Steve, until DxO starts to get some videos out on FilmPack 6 the best resources available, I believe, are the user guide which can be downloaded at:

and videos on YouTube. Even the videos on FilmPack 5 will be of use to you since you are new to FilmPack. If look at the changes made from FilmPack 5 to 6, you will see that basic operations between the two have pretty much stayed the same. Between those resources you should get the hang of things.

I don’t use FilmPack on every photo, but when I do I truly like the results I get. It is a good product and I think you will enjoy using it.

@sgospodarenko is there anyway you can pass this info on lack of videos or use case examples for first time users like @skwalker ? DxO could do a much better job in that area. Referring customers to incomplete pages just isn’t good and visitors seeing exchanges such as these certainly don’t drive anyone to make a purchase. Thank you.


@skwalker Steve, look at this video on YouTube PhotoLab 5 and FilmPack 6! Big upgrades from @DxO - YouTube If you want to see FilmPack 6 portion only scroll forward to the 8 minute mark in the recording. That should give you a quick but good over view of using FilmPack 6. That and reviewing the user guide should help.


Thank you Marvin.

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If you check you will see that the “View all videos” link references the page it is on (Learning Hub - DxO FilmPack).
Problem resolved.
Please repair.