LCC or SceneCalibration in DXO Photolab

Can I suggest the implementation of a calibration tool inside DXO Photolab , which takes care of light fall off for compensating wide angles and color aberrations in them …

Hasselblad Phocus calls it Scene Calibration , CaptureOne calls it LCC …

when shooting architecture or reproductions this tool is very helpful to equalize the image and take care of color aberrations .

so at the shoot you shoot a opaque piece of white plexiglass you expose at middle gray or lighter , then all the shots you shoot after wards you can use this calibrationshot to calculate out all the light fall off .

The Upoint technology makes that the software is unbeatable in my opinion , but i still would like to have the LCC function implemented for my architectural work.

Having LAB color read out is an other idea , so you measure colors at location and correct in that direction with the info tab , now its only in RGB …a LAB option in the info would be helpful.

Thank you .

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