Layer Adjustment Module

This would be a very powerful Module to have. Similar to Capture One Pro.

Very handy for Dodge & Burning, Adjustments and such

You can already use local adjustments layers for that.

It’s not about being able to. It’s more about how to and the efficiency.

I think I understand what AB80 is pointing at. I think it was in CO version 22 they made something very clever. Before version 22 CO was very capable but absolutely hopelessly cumbersome to use in some respects. If you want to know search the net for videos about "“dodging and burning”. Pre 22 I often found myself lost in administrating all those layers thrying to figuring out how the hell some functions actually was suuposed to be used. Dodging and Burning was one of them.

Post 21 is a completely different thing. Instead of like before where layers should be created, masks applied now we just pick one of about 20 pre-made brushes and start to use them and all the rest is done in the background - so much more natural, clever and efficient.

Since Microsoft won the spread sheet battle of the process methods in Windows over Lotus we have been used to “mark” the area - pick a tool - apply instead of the Lotus approach “pick a tool” - “mark an area” - “apply”. The reasons of that importance was that “spread sheets” was the most important programmes in early desktop computing. I think Visicalc might have been earlier but Lotus 1-2-3 soon took over as “the industry standard” in the MS-DOS PC-world. Lotus made themselves irrelevant with the fatal decission neglecting Winsows for IBM OS/2. These years in the nineties.

The brush layer system in Capture One works a lot more the Lotus than the Microsoft way and I think many CO users finds it both more natural and way more efficient than the “old way of doing it”. I just love it myself and this new brush system was the main reasons for me to upgrade to version 23 besides the support for wireless tethering for my Sony A7IV, which is another thing I love about CO 23.

I have stuck to Photolab of just two reasons: Deep Prime XD and the image quality and the superior interoperability with Photo Mechanic, maybe the best metadata management tools available for Windows and Mac today that makes Photolab scale far better than both CO and Lightroom - since they don’t really scale at all. I just hope DXO will improve the “Project”-function in version 7 since it’s so central for the integration with PM and most other third party metadata tools and viewers.

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Please search the forum for existing feature requests before creating a new one. This particular request has been repeated many times, including just a few days ago. You end up asking fellow customers to repeatedly add their votes and comments, which is not effective.

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Exactly that.