Latest version of DxO PhotoLab 4 doesn't work on OSX10.13.6

for some reason DxO has decided they have too many customers so they decided that the latest version of PhotoLab will not work on any OSX earlier than 10.14 … which means that all those, like me, who have stayed on this OSX partly because it still allows them to use Adobe CS6 Photoshop will not longer be able to pay with both photo apps … something that saddens me greatly, since i started supporting/buying/and some times actually trying out all the alternatives that were in their early software stages … but no more, DxO obviously doesn’t not get the idea that there are a portion of their customers who were Photoshop users who were becoming increasingly upset by the perpetual payment philosophy of Adobe (and other rubbish software companies who believe it is their right to force continual payments on their customers) … so i bought into DxO and have been a buyer of very single piece of software they have released as a matter of solidarity … unless there is some arcane hardware reason for this limitation of the latest update i am pretty ****ed off with this !!!

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In a nutshell: we can not go forward with unlimited support and limited ressources. It is frustrating but it is like this in the computers world… unfortunately.

To replace Photoshop, have a look at Affinity Photo if it can suit your needs. No subscription.

Hi Peter,
I’d like to give you some arguments/info about your concern.
As you said, you still using Photoshop CS6 (which is a 8-year-old software) because this is what suits you the best (perpetual license as well as, I guess, all the features you need for your workflow).

This decision needs you to be ‘careful’ about how you upgrade your machine. Any new updates, especially the OS, could break your workflows anytime, because of this choice (to stay with PS CS6). At the same time, the IT world doesn’t stand still, and a lot of things have changed since 2012. Eight years in this field is a geological age. At DxO, with PL, we guarantee to our customers that our latest version is compatible with older OS (the last tree OS for the mac environment).

When you provide compatibility with an older OS, this implies that any bug and or problem found on those older OS have to be fixed. This means that for each version of PL we have to extensively test it in 3 different environment. Having said that, this is not merely a “test & fix” problem: new OS offer new possibilities, new API, better performances and so on.

In the digital/IT world, continuous improvement is a simple reality.
You are absolutely free and can decide to ‘jump off the train’ and stop wherever you feel the most comfortable, but you can’t blame us because we move forward.

—“You can choose to ride a horse instead of a car, but at the same time you can’t pretend to ride it on a highway. Choices always come down to compromises.”

Let me know if you need any further help/info.



Some extra info…
On my personal computer I have some softwares (mostly ‘one developer indie projects’) that don’t run on the latest OS (their products have been discontinued and/or stopped being updated a while ago…). To solve this, I use a virtual machine with an older OS where I can still use them while being “up to date” to the latest version (Catalina) at the same time. This let me still use some old piece of software that I bought back then…on my new and updated laptop with all the ‘bells and whistles’…

Have you never considered a similar solution?

PS/ running a virtual machine with an 8-years-old PS version on a recent computer, will run it even faster than back then…



I apologise if you think that I was rude, but you completely misunderstood my point (or I wasn’t clear enough).
Anyone is free to do whatever he/she wants, his/her choices are only his/hers.
To use an image, I made the horse example to just say what I said. Nothing more, nothing less.
Again, words can be misunderstood, especially online, if you read my whole post you can agree with me that this is not the case.

Having said that, if you think that this is not the case, please know that this wasn’t my intention.

BTW, you said that you have a PC that’s 10yrs old but I guess that your OS is less than 10yrs old. This was all my point. If you make the choice (for any reason) to ‘stand still’ (especially OS-wise), you’ll have some cons to accept.

With all due respect, Steven gave a perfect, logical and polite answer.


Apple only support current and two previous releases of their OS, so it makes sense for any software developer who continues to develop their software to do the same. In the enterprise world this type of approach is also followed and many companies get themselves in trouble by “sticking with” old software that the vendors will not support, or in some cases will support for a large fee.

Change is a fact of life in software and operating systems.

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Well I do not think so. For me it sounded all right.
Whereas, in contrast, the first message of this subject was not kind for me to read.
One is free to interpret words the way she/he wants.

Thank you for that insight. Good to know. Really :+1:t4:
But here we where probably not discussing about australian horses, right ?

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Can’t say I’ve seen many bug fixes even with the current OS support, at least not on things I’ve reported since PL1. Maybe in PL4, but it would be helpful if the release notes contained information about bug fixes. The PL4 release notes make no mention of any.


I guess to put it bluntly, if you want to continue to use software that has been obsoleted by the vendor for years and want to continue to use an unsupported operating system, you need to deal with the consequences of your decision.


Currently, the latest three non-beta versions of macOS are

  • 10.15.7 = Catalina
  • 10.14.6 = Mojave
  • 10.13.6 = High Sierra

which means that you break your own guarantee.


@StevenL - You were not rude.

Sorry guys, He hit the nail right on the head.

DxO didn’t pull any fast ones, or do something to intentionally exclude a portion of its user base. PL4’s system requirements are clear:

System requirements
• Intel Core™ i7 4th generation or higher
• 8 GB of RAM (16 GB recommended)
• 4 GB available disk space (6 GB recommended)
• macOS 10.14 (Mojave), 10.15 (Catalina) or 11.0 (Big Sur)
• Graphics card with 512 MB of video memory for handling GPU acceleration
• AMD Radeon™ R9 M290X or better recommended for DeepPRIME

Him recommending a VM was great!

Remember, it was Apple that decided to pull 32bit support from its OS, and make the major architectural changes that seemingly precludes someone from running an older or less modern software application.

And Adobe decided to make their stuff a CC subscription. I was thinking about buying a copy of LR, last perpetual licese copy… but then I realized oh, new cameras and lenses aren’t going to get support and I’ll need to do funny imports and… no thanks.

And yes. If you want to run 8yr old photoshop, that is a decision that comes with other caveats. But its not DxO’s fault and they are not in any way culpable for such a decision.

This is why I’m here. I hate Adobe’s business model. I’ll stick with DxO.


This year, Apple is a bit late on their usual planning. Normally they release their new OS each year between the end of September and the first week of October. So, for a short period, in this very ‘special’ year, we are breaking our own rules, due to ‘force majeure’ reasons.


PL4 won’t run on my Commodore 64! What am I going to do?


mine was broke by my cousins so i bought a ibm 80286 AT with 20Mb systemdrive and ive got a second hand 40!!!Mb second Harddrive from a “guy” WMF and two floppy drives:
a big one 51/4 1.2?Mb and a buildin 3.5 1.44Mb from a computerdump day
monochrome amber screen…
Worked like a charme…

my pentium4 (something like this 2003! Medion MD8080 XL) is running on a win 7 lean build… (wel standing still doing nothing by grandpa, the kids like the faster mobilphone’s more…)

My present Dell is 2011… i74770 3.4Ghz 32Gb win10 home Windows 10, versie 20H2
And DxOPl v4 is running…no gpu action but it’s stable and runs for day’s in a row multiple applications so i think we window users are lucky … :sunglasses:

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Wow you’ve got big drives. I only have 800KB 5 1/4 in floppies. :sob:

You could try a Sinclaie ZX81 :grinning:

hm, so peter starts a poll. StevenL makes a factual reply it. Then gregor replies to it and says that the answer from StevenL was rude and arrogant. In my opinion this is in no way true. Why gregor feels stepped on the tie, I cannot understand. The further course of events also shows that someone simply got lost with his argumentation.
Funny enough peter, who started the poll, seems to have no further opinion about the whole thing.
About the topic itself. I was also frustrated at first because PL 4 did not want to start. On the hint if I had read the specifications, I had to admit that I had not. Fortunately, I am already working with Mojave. I still haven’t installed Catalina because at least the first versions of Catalina were a disaster. Not only in my opinion Apples worst OS since ever.
Since I’m also making music, I’m very familiar with the discussion why not yet, or not compatible anymore. The forum at Steinberg counts myriads of such posts and with every new release of Cubase or Apple new ones are added. There are those who ask about compatibility even before the first beta of an operating system has been released. And there are those who don’t understand why the new Cubase, which only allows 64bit plug-ins, doesn’t run on 10-year old MacBooks anymore. Also those who say, version 8 is still the best and work with it. And I know what I am talking about, because I use Cubase since Atari :wink:
Also I will have to bite the bullet at some point and switch to Catalina or Big Sur. Although some SW I use for music, still suffers on Catalina. On the computers where only standard software is running like Office, etc. I have already done that. And some day my computer will be too old for programs that need more power. But please, this has never been different and is in the nature of IT.

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That pc was a swop from PTT, the IT’er his son was a memeber of my class and sold all those old AT’s. His first step in the busines.

To my ear, Steven sounded incredibly arrogant and condescending as well. DxO is breaking its own commitment to its customers and trying to do the minimum here.

Steven wrote:

In the digital/IT world, continuous improvement is a simple reality. You are absolutely free and can decide to ‘jump off the train’ and stop wherever you feel the most comfortable, but you can’t blame us because we move forward.

Absolute trash. There has been no real improvement in Mac OS X since Snow Leopard and a great deal which worked has been broken. Apple’s own quality standards have gone out the window. They’ve cancelled important applications like Apple Aperture due to “not having the resources”. Apple is the richest company in the world, mainly due to a halo product (iPhone) and the absolutely wretched competition (Microsoft). Moving forward in IT is nonsense, IT is going backwards. Over the last dozen years IT has provided net negative productivity gain, due to the endless and pointless updates which mainly just move the cheese and disable existing hardware. Android 4.2 was a pretty clear mobile OS on the path to being a productive and useful OS. Now it’s a geekfest with poorly documented gestures everywhere and important interface hidden.

On the internet, we’ve moved from web pages with clear semantic structure and a minimal amount of code overhead to 15 MB single pages which are all javacript trying to track and interrupt the user. Steven, your “progress” is mostly pollution.

You wrote:

Anyone is free to do whatever he/she wants, his/her choices are only his/hers.

This sounds to me like the common shallow American Randian (Ayn Rand) position. All government is bad, all regulation is bad, the world is made up of supermen and untermenschen, there should be no collective.

Let me disillusion you: DxO exists because of the community. We fund you to build a RAW developer which suits our purposes. We bailed DxO when it was sinking. We provided the input to help you shape the products. The products do not exist without us.

You are not Apple and your business is not forcing upgrades on us to sell us new computers. There is no good reason to spit in our face and tell us that we have to throw out quad core i7 laptops with Geekbench 4 scores of around 10000.

Your poor attitude is paralleled by woodmeister.

I guess to put it bluntly, if you want to continue to use software that has been obsoleted by the vendor for years and want to continue to use an unsupported operating system, you need to deal with the consequences of your decision.

Vendor – you mean the clown (Apple) who want to make me buy a new one and who consider any computer seven years older or more entirely unsupported? The ones who are filling the world with high tech waste as their products cannot be repaired. The ones who went from a sustainable two year update cycle to an endless beta of one year update cycles, where almost everything is broken all the time and it’s possible to log in with “root” and no password because Apple developers don’t have time to check their work.

High Sierra was only released three years ago (September 25 2017). DxO have made a big mistake by not including support for High Sierra in Photolab 4. Your job is not to sell computers for Apple but make your users happy. There are a few who are dyed in the wool chronic upgraders but many of us are longtime IT vets who see through the lies about progress.

In particular, High Sierra is the last OS X to run on the last 17-inch Apple MBP which is also the last MBP with a non-glossy screen option, the 2011 15/17 inch MBP. These MBP are repairable and upgradeable, the last ones. As mentioned they come with fast quad processor i7, support 16GB of RAM. I have 2TB hard drives in mine. Even nine years later, they are a far more robust platform than anything built since with the single crumb and broken butterfly keyboard whose replacement requires changing the entire lower half of the computer, including battery and lower case.

So DxO in its (and your personal arrogance Steven) is obsoleting three MBP for me? This is a really poor show and has naught to do with progress Steven.

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