Last update of Pure Raw 2 breaks optical corrections

Yesterday I updated to the latest version of DXO Pure Raw 2 (2.6.6 Build 40) and now all of a sudden the optical corrections with the following gear: Olympus EM1-X and Olympus 7-14mm lens are totally wrong and warped. This did not happen before. Attached is a comparison.

Apart from the usual propositions …

  • Re-start your PC
  • Re-download the app from your user account and re-Install the app

… you could create a support ticket here:

I did restart the computer, and have downloaded the latest version.
The problem still persists.

I did create a support ticket, thank you.

Interesting. Looks like DxO invented some details on the edges…

Since there was no answer to my provocative post, I assume OP was a FUD.
But maybe these were crops and there is a real problem, in which case OP should provide some real evidence.