Last update : error


DxO PureRaw 3 v3.6.0 build 22 (64b) - Windows 11 - 22H2 (build 23560.1000)

When I install last update, i have error :"The feature you are trying to use us on a network ressource that is unavailable. Click OK etc… " (see screen shoot)
Impossible to uninstall or to repair.
So, impossible to install last update.

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Sorry to my english


Nobody have idea ?



Ok. You can close.

I tried different ways to uninstall properly, but nothing happened.
Because it was precisely during the uninstallation of the old version that he could not find the *.msi file allowing uninstallation (see screenshot of the error)…
File not found on my entire PC.

It would be good if during the installation of the software it was planned to copy this uninstallation file somewhere other than in the Windows temporary folders, because when we need space, Windows empties the temporary folders! And therefore uninstallation impossible!

Unable to wait, I therefore made a forced and thorough deletion: deletion of all Dxo PureRaw files.
As this was not enough, I tackled the registry (after creating a restore point of course).
We really didn’t have to leave any Pure Raw entry in the Windows registry to finally be able to install the new version of Dxo Pure Raw… not easy…
But after 1 hour of battle, phew, I was finally able to reinstall the latest version.
Everything is ok now.

Please ask your developers to place this uninstallation file in the Pure Raw folders, or in the Windows “Packages” folders, as other software publishers do.
Never put important files in the temporary directories of the operating system!
This will avoid this type of problem, and a lot of wasted time :wink:.