Large batch export TIFF errors from NIK extension programs

I use Viveza (2) as a photo finisher, primarily for wedding shoots because the -structure- and -contrast- tools in it are phenomenal. Generally I will batch load about 300-400 images to it at a time, finish edits, then “save all” back to DXO Photolab 3.1.0 / 4320

Recently, the majority of the images returned to Photolab show a thumbnail, but won’t load the image.
From Photolab it will say “cannot load image data”, and after finding the main file and attempting to open with Photoshop, I get the error message “Could not open xxxx because of a problem parsing the TIFF file”.

After a recent 346 image export from Viveza, 25% (approx) of the images had this problem.
Is anyone else experiencing issues getting TIFF files to load back to Photolab?

I have not tried this from every NIK program, but it was also happening with Color Efex also.

The worst kind of interesting. Can you reproduce this with a smaller batch or with some of the individual files that didn’t get updated properly? I had a similar problem with a watermarking program I use. It couldn’t do a large batch running multiple threads. The developer had to add an option to make it single threaded to work. So one possibility is data corruption from distributing the batch process across multiple threads/cores over a period of time. That would be a software error. But there are other possibilities: bad RAM that fails under load, a disk fault… If this is in Windows, it’s worth right-clicking on the Start menu icon, selecting Event Viewer, opening the Windows Logs folder and selecting “System” to look for system-level errors involving your disks or cache or data buses. Make sure you have plenty of free disk space, too, and maybe run some stress tests (memtest for example). I know that’s broad, but it should help to rule out possible causes.

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