Language minor issue


As I’ve installed it in French language, the autonomous Analog Efex launch in French. I’ve don’t seen any specific bug, except the text for Instantaneous Help itself which shows
Analog Inst Help
and Web Help with No result page.

As Aperture (in French) plugin, it launches in English. So I’ve change the language to French, save and close the plugin, and relaunch. It was still in English, and I had to close and relaunch Aperture to have it in French. Perhaps it’s normal usage. But a very little concern as I guess Aperture is not planned to be used with this new Nik collection.

About the product itself, I see it as a competitor/complement with FilmPack, so perhaps merging both would make sense. At this stage, I prefer Filmpack embedded within DPL.

I’m mainly testing autonomous version of Nik collection as I’m using almost only DPL for my images, and Affinity when DPL is unable to do it (less more since local corrections), and Affinity does not support Nik plugin. I don’t had Google Nik before on this system.
So I’m testing plugin in Aperture but just for test as I’m not using it anymore.
MacBook Pro 13" and Thunderbird 27" screen under MacOS High Sierra.