Lack of HEIC support in PL5

This has been posted before (I searched). I voted as well. This has now become a significant problem for me. I have used PL and its ancestors for quite some time. I shoot in RAW on my full frame A7RII. However, my wife shoots with her upgraded iphone and IPAD. I edit in Win64. Both IPAD and iphone default to HEIC images, which I transfer, convert to jpg and edit for her. However, it has become clear that the HEIC images are much better than the equivalent jpg, and conversion to jpg degrades the image significantly. Both Lightroom and Photoshop read HEIC directly. Since Lightroom’s workflow is closer to PL5, I now have to edit her pictures in Lightroom. I really like Photolab better, but it is annoying to have to use both. I ask again: When will HEIC be supported in Photolab?

I have been asking for HEIC support for a long time. DxO doesn’t seem to care, and the many folks here seem to snob Apple, despite the undeniable appeal of travelling with a phone that can produce images almost as good, if not better than, many older DSLRs out there.
The only advantage (for me at least) of using PL is the ability to detect the camera/lens combo used and automatically apply corrections. If it can’t open HEIC files, PL has no advantage over any of the vast number of image processing software out there (some even free of charge).
I’m on PL1 and refuse to upgrade it until I see HEIC support.

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In that case, you should be aware of all the previous discussions on this subject.

HEIC is not a RAW format, it is a file that contains, sometimes, several images and all the adjustments needed to bring them together. It is also protected by patents that require licensing fees.

You can see how popular the format is since it has been 9 months since this thread was started and nobody else has even responded.

My, my, you are missing out on so much good stuff that has been added since then.

Not really, as the majority of my photos are taken with an iPhone these days :wink:

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Exactly. My case as well.
Most of my photos are in HEIC format. In the rare occasions when I want to use PL I need an extra step to convert from .HEIC to .JPG. It’s a hassle. I seriously doubt that the conversion involves any licensing fees to apple. If other software can do it, I don’t buy it that DxO can’t, if they cared enough.

Same with phone DNG

You can change your iPhone to take higher quality images. HEIC is a lossy file type. A lot of data is compressed, which is why when you convert to jpg it’s a risk if the conversion can unpack or reclaim that data. HEIC is also 16bit not 8 like jpeg. You would do better to use a raw setting. At least until DXO support HEIC.

But like most Apple formats, the high licence costs will prevent it becoming mainstream across everything.

Apple’s ProRAW format is DNG which is an open standard. However, DXO team does not seem to care that a large segment of digital compact cameras has been replaced by smartphones.

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I expect this is more an Apple issue with licensing costs. Given Apple is just over 25% global market share and Android shoots an open RAW format, it’s lower on their priority list until such time as market share and licensing works out. I have the same issues in my day job, where we encode video streams. AppleHLS has licensing costs attached for use, vs DASHMpeg which is open and so on. Apple block everything with a paywall everywhere, for everyone.

Just a short technical note. While the HEIC format is 16-bit capable, the actual HEIC photo files created in my iPhone 13 mini are 8-bit only.