Keywords Missing

Am I missing something really obvious, as usual, but I assumed that if I applied Keywords in Lightroom Classic they would appear when I looked at the images in Photolab 6 but this does not appear to be the case.
Does this mean that if I bin Lightroom and move entirely to Photolab I will have to re-keyword all past images?


Is Lightroom set to write keywords to an XMP sidecar file?

If you open the XMP in a text editor, are the keywords in it?

@Neelly What are your setting in relation to this

PS and I presume we are talking about RAWs? and @Joanna’s comments about Xmp sidecar files is also pertinent.

Thanks Guys We were talking about Raw and Joanna’s insight was spot on. Lightroom now set to write to XMP file and that seems to have resolved my problem. Since I never really thought about this before and I don’t use hierarchical keywords problem seems to be solved

Thanks Again Neil


Not writing xmp files automatically improves overall performance of Lightroom, because it does not have to additionally access the drive to update the xmp sidecar with every change you apply to an image.

In order to improve performance and reduce drive access, you could disable that setting again and save the sidecar(s) manually (command-s on Mac) at the end of a session or whenever you feel like it.

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Good advice, but I don’t actually use Lightroom for any processing, only for importing, keywording etc.
I find Photolab gives much better results for Raw conversion and adjustment.
I’m trying to give up Adobe but Photolab’s asset management isn’t quite there yet, although I suppose I should really stop the subscription as the bits of Lightroom I use would still be functional.

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For anyone running an SSD, the slowdown should be negligible unless Adobe has somehow (again) borked the write process.